Advanced UX and UI Design

HedoneDesign is offering affordable and reliable service for development companies of all sizes. Best in class UI and UX design will ensure recognition on the market and satisfied customers.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is at the heart of creating a lasting relation between your users and your solutions. It builds that emotional connection between you and your users and ensures they understand the conversation you are having with them.

User Interface Design

Your UI is your first impression. You can be a wonderful, person, but if you’re dressed like a bum, not many people will talk with you. We ensure they want to get to know you, by providing a perfect first impression.

User Experience Design (UX)

By studying people’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions when using application or service and by cooperating with recognized psychologists we are offering highest standards in user experience design. Taking ISO 9241-210 into account, we include practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-centred user experience design.

User experience is considered subjective in nature to the degree that it is about individual perception and thought with respect to the system. Therefore we are working closely with all major platforms and constantly learning new native and third party features included in operating systems and applications.

User Interface Design (UI)

We are constantly pushing ourselves over the known limits in UI design. Thinking outside the box and with ability to step in at any stage of development, we are partner you can not miss in application development. Working closely with you, we have you covered in designing UI for new application or upgrading already known application or architecture.

No matter if your application will run on desktop (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux etc.), mobile (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.) or any other smart (Smart TV, embedded devices etc.) device platform, we’ll provide you with best in class UI for you consumer or enterprise market customers.

Picture attached: Prototype UI – part of SkyParrot UI.

Brand & Identity Design

Brand & Identity design is the way your customers will understand your company, product or service. It is fundamental to consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand’s differentiation from competitors. Only by monitoring customers behavior we are able to provide you with unique Brand & Identity design. We are designing customers’ ability to recall and recognize your brand.

Beside designing your brand and identity, we are designing brand and marketing collateral. Collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing. We are providing our customers with innovative and memorable collateral material (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.) and marketing tools.

Picture attached: Prototype logo – part of iStuddy Brand Identity.

Icon Design

The challenge of icon design is to create an image that is communicative, beautiful, and understandable, at every size from maximum resolution down to the minimum resolution. Application icon is first contact with your future customer. These icons rely on unique and memorable metaphors as a form of product branding and still follow guidelines provided for platforms.

First impression counts. We are giving special attention eliminating unnecessary details and aligning strokes and objects to pixels in small icon sizes to avoid messy and blurred images. This way we can assure best visibility and recognition on all resolutions and devices.

Picture attached: Magneto application icon.

Marketing Services

Once you have built your Brand & Identity and ensured your solutions looks like it is going to the ball, its time to actually get invited to the ball. Marketing plays a huge role in the success of your solution. Without engaging in a timely fashion the right media and channels even the best solution will not stand out in the crowd and will go unnoticed.

We can assist in ensuring your solution gets known in the work. Providing multichannel marketing services to ensure your solution is noticed and those party invitations will come rolling in. This also includes presence on the Internet, social networks, blogs, traditional media, etc.

Picture attached: Prototype logo – part of Bayini Brand Identity.

Mobile Development

We have you covered, no matter what platform you are developing for.
We are able to provide UX and IU for any mobile platform out there.

Desktop Development

HedoneDesign will provide you with highest grade User Experience
and User Interface design for any Desktop operating system.

Web Development

Developing Web Application or Web site, you’ll find HedoneDesign
as partner in User Experience and designing User Interface.


Only highest quality tools are allowing us to be your reliable
partner in User Experience and designing User Experience.

About HedoneDesign

Formed in 2008, HedoneDesign has quickly become one of the leading BlackBerry Smartphone themes developer. Continuous efforts, quality designs and staring to the continuous development and learning of new techniques that make the applications more useful are the main objectives of HedoneDesign.

By attracting world’s most talented user interface designers and user experience experts, HedoneDesign has been one of the leading user experience and interface companies for almost a decade.

HedoneDesign was acquired and is part of Bayini from 2013. From the company that has led the development of themes on the BlackBerry platform, HedoneDesign became company that offers best in class UI design and UX logic for all kinds of applications.

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The company’s goal is to help developers in the field of user interface design and user experience logic. Therefore, we work with a large number of developers of all kinds – from smaller (sometimes even a “one man band” developers) to the largest enterprise developers.

Our goal is to help you in the construction of quality. Knowing all stages of application development and years of experience allows us to jump in at any stage of development and provide our services to small and the largest development companies.

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From the very beginning we are trying to establish ourselfs as a company constantly pushing design over the known limits.

With developing new methods of user experience and continuous efforts in raising the quality of user interface, HedoneDesign has received several awards for outstanding achievements in design.

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